Manifesto for a left-wing classicism.

In 2020, the Trump administration released the « Make Federal Buildings Beautiful Again » decree where it imposes a classicist style for all new public buildings in the United States.

Here is how public buildings should have looked like. (source image)

In Italy, Right-wing governments tried a similar approach a few years ago, with a proposal to tear down some tower blocks of the 1970s and 1980s and replace them with smaller buildings of classical style.

The tower blocks to tear down (source image)
Traditional neighborhoods to take inspiration from. (source image)

Here is the project, in a video.

In reaction to these policies, the left responded with an outrageous defense of Modernism. Their explanations for such a defense were always different, but more or less all of them were variations of the same refrain:

Whatever the Right does, we do the opposite.

As a result, buildings supported by left-wing governements are always among the ugliest.

Écoquartier Jonction, Geneva (source image)
vergers meyrin
L’Écoquartier des Vergers, Meyrin GE.

In order to stop the fascination of the left for architectural uglyness, we need to promote a left-wing classicism. A new style who can differenciate from both Right-Wing Classicism and Ugly Modernism

How will Left-Wing Classicism be

  1. Multi-cultural. The Left loves foreign cultures, especially when they come from the Middle East, Africa, or South America. So, let’s add to our buildings islamic patterns, African decorations, and South American colors!
In der Mezquita in Cordoba
Islamic Architecture (source image)
Iranian Architecture (source image)
Yemeni Architecture (source image)
South American Contemporary Architecture (source image)
  1. Environmentally-Friendly: Natural colors, organic shapes, and lots of wood. We need to show our love to Mother Earth, and let this love shape our buildings.
(source image)
(source image)
(source image)
  1. Sexy. The Left defends the right to a free sexuality (unless you are a chishet white male), and so we need to show sexual inclusivity in our architecture. So, let’s take example from the sexiest of all architectural styles, Art Nouveau.
(source image)
(source image)
(source image)
(source image)
(source image)
(source image)

Is there anything you want to add to our Left-Style Classicism? Write it in the comments!

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2 commentaires

  1. So, I think that there are many leftist defences for traditional architecture.
    -the idea that we’ll built, non trendy architecture is more “green” as it needs to be torn down less often.
    -that all people have a right to live in beautiful places.
    -that traditional urbanism is more walkable, so less affiliated with the privatisation of public areas.
    I hate that traditional architecture is so often hijacked by right wingers

  2. Let‘s not forget the architecture of the local vernacular. It needs to evolve (e.g. in a northern country one would often use larger windows than in the past – the insulation is better than it used to be!) but the local vernacular is optimized for local climate, local building materials, and local craft!

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