Architecture and complexity

One of the features of a great built environment is complexity. When facing big-scale projects, most of the architects have tried to recreate a complexity in their buildings, with a huge effort and not very satisfying results.

habitat_67Moshe Safdie, Habitat 67 (image: wikipedia)

stata_windowFrank Gehry, MIT Stata Center (image: wikipedia)

Another option allows a better result with lower effort. Instead of planning every single element, we can just design some « seeds » of the building, then wait. Even with simple seeds, the result turns often amazingly complex.

An example of this kind of architecture is the Quinta Monroy housing project by Elemental.

835614545_qm-01-before-c2a9tadeuz-jalochaQuinta Monroy, just before the arrival of the inhabitants (image: ArchDaily) same view, some months later. People have arrived, and modified houses to match their needs. As a result, every house is different. (image: ArchDaily)

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