from « Adapt the city to cars » to « Adapt the city to social networks »

In 1971, Georges Pompidou said: « Adapter la ville à la voiture » (adapt the city to cars), in a world where people wanted to go faster and further, and reach in a reasonable amount of time more and more places. A new world was born, made of countryside houses, motorways, shopping centers, big buildings: a world whose biggest examples are cities like Brasilia.


37 years later, the world has changed. The shift has moved from « going faster and further » to « meeting the right people and find the right thing ». And, regarding to the city, the new motto could be « Adapter la ville aux réseaux sociaux » (adapt the city to social networks). How will the « social network city » be? A good overview can be found here: Social Network City will be full of meeting places, hotspots, events, unconventional shops, customized objects…

And how will it look like? First, online classic will jump out of the screen and appear in the real life:

(image: wikipedia)

Then, forums, blog and social networks will invade the real life, and turn into « real world discussion forums »


(sources: oh my marketing!, trendwatching)

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