Lake Geneva region goes metropolitan


(image: wikimedia commons)

Lake Geneva region is turning little by little into a big metropolis, spreading for about 100 km from Geneva to Montreux. Having all the qualities creatives look for, the region is attracting more and more people and enterprises, and is becoming a key place for high-level jobs.

And little by little, the different areas of this 100-km metropolis are specializing.

Young, single professionals, who need to be « where things happen » and don’t have problems in living in a 25 mq apartment, prefer to live in Geneva or Lausanne

People with a family and a fixed job, looking for a bigger house within a 20-minutes commute from Geneva or Lausanne, will settle in Nyon

is preferred by Enterprises, who need lot of space to implant their campus choose the small towns in La Côté (Rolle, Etoy…)

Retired people move to the Swiss Riviera (Vevey and Montreux), mainly because of its mild climate and its natural resources.

(source: 24 heures, swisster)

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