Welcome to Ligerz


(image: Association Seeland Biel/Bienne)

If you like trains, go to Ligerz. This little village on the Bielersee lies next to the only single-track stretch of the Jura Railway line: Everyday, 250 trains pass through this little village, and only 30 of them stop here.

L’Association Seeland Biel/Bienne is asking for a double-track tunnel at the place of the single-track line. Thiss will let direct trains to bypass the village, and will allow a 30 minutes headway between Neuchâtel et Biel, and between Geneva/Lausanne and Zurich/Basel.

What is not clear yet, is the destiny of the existing railway. Will it be suppressed? Will it be dedicated to regional trains stopping in Ligerz? Regarding this question, I agree with Funimag and Stagniweb: If on one side, the upgrade of the Jura line is necessary, the existing line should be kept for regional trains. Different trains will need different lines.


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