Private operators interested in italian Railways

Ten years ago, low cost airlines were seen as the future of long distance transportation. Fast, cheap and easy to use, low cost airlines put a serious threat over bus and railway development all over Europe.  Ten years later, the trend is reversed. Forced by high gas prices, Airlines are rising prices and reducing flights, and private operators are looking at railway transport as the new source of business.

On july 15, NTV presented its brand new high speed network. trains will link the italian cities of Bari, Bologna, Firenze, Milan, Naples, Rome, Salerno, Turin and Venice. The first trip is scheduled for 2011.


Arenaways is ready to start a commuter service in Northwestern Italy, Between Turin, Milan and the surrounding towns.

And in the meantime, the Orient Express is coming to Sicily.

(sources: NYT, Ferrovie On Line, click mobility)

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