Sheer transit pleasure

(video: BMW commercial – note the « sheer driving pleasure » logo at the end)

(« Is it not time for a change? » by green idea factory)


Public transport has always been seen as the poor alternative to cars. While cars are always pictured as a way to get pleasure and new sensations,  public transports are always seen as a way to go from a point to another, just trying to limit as much as possible the problems that come from the travel itself.

But another image of public transports is possible.

First of all, a special train or bus can be reserved for a special event.

(video: MAD train)

Examples are:

– a travelling disco;

– a travelling restaurant,

– a travelling deluxe hotel.

Another option (which I consider much more interesting) turns around the « sheer pleasure » of travelling by public transports.


(photo via flickr)

several possibilities are still open in this fields:

Panoramic trains along a scenic route

Special buses on an ordinary line

– or just allowing people to organize a party on a commuter train

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